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Real Estate CRM

One and only one question is asked by the real estate owners, Why CRM?

Unlike every other industries, the sales support and relationship management are everywhere. The real estate business depends on relationship, built on incentives, commissions, references and has long sales cycle.

Real estate business done traditionaly.

  • Multiple sources Or Lack of contact information.

    Leads & relationship information is managed in multiple & isolated databases (individuals’ email, in spreadsheets, other) or not managed at all. This makes sharing impossible & causes duplicative information which leads to administrative overhead & inaccurate business relationship information.

  • Complex asset management and property management relationships.

    Tracking meaningful & actionable information about key partnerships is critical. In real estate, this includes tenants, investors, analysts, prospective investment targets, joint venture partners, vendors & property managers. Can you easily get a list of your top investors?

  • Inefficiencies due to non-standard business processes.

    When every lease or transaction is different and the associated process to execute is unique and manual, undue administrative effort and errors occur.

How our Real Estate CRM can help you.

  • Centralize tenant, investor and broker contacts at one place.

    First, centralize contacts in one system. Categorize & segment the prospects. This seems so simple & remains one of the primary benefits of a CRM system. By improving the technology in which you keep key business information you improve its quality & reduce the risk of loss.

  • Lead Management and followup.

    CRM enables tracking of meetings, emails & phone calls for reporting & follow up. Sales management can easily report on sales activities, such as last contact & upcoming activities. Leads can be managed & stored securely at a single location. Payment & call-back reminders can be set. Key prospect data will allow you to create & manage targeted campaigns.